Agenda Imed

Creation of a control platform for healthcare providers that included the management of call centers, medical centers, doctors, and scheduling.


Product Designer


  • β€” Carlos Opazo
  • β€” Daniel Montero




Generate visual and functional consistency between the different software managed by I-Med, through a single platform that allows the management of doctors, scheduling, and call-center support. This will facilitate the health processes and procedures of individuals and institutions.


User flows were created for the information architecture stage in order to know the paths that the user would commonly take and thus be able to build the organization, search, and navigation system of the platform that will finally allow users to complete the tasks, find what they need and understand what they have found. The wireframes and mockups were worked aligned with the data provided in the architecture stage. The size of this software made it imperative to create a design system that would allow visual coherence in all views. Design systems such as Polaris and Ant Design were used as references.


All design flows and views were designed in Sketch, using InVision to evaluate progress with the client. The abstract was used to maintain version control of the system. Currently, this system is operational with the functionalities described above.